GUL 2014 C/Z Pro D3O Thermal Hikepants – Grey

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External liquid seams surf technology for 100% water seal X-Flex super stretch main body panels for flexibility and freedom of movement Non-petroleum based neoprene Thermospan lining for ultimate insulation and warmth D30 impact powertex knees for flexibility and durability Removable multi-layered heavy duty batten and EVA foam pads for all sailing conditions High waist to reduce drag Adjustable shoulder straps Power-Tex highly durable and flexible seat Articulated knee TECHNOLOGY D3O: provides comfortable protection for a range of sports applications. The high performing comfortable and flexible components include protective knee pads elbow pads hip pads and shoulder pads as well as back protectors. These are perfect for incorporating into sports apparel and gear providing the wearer with confidence with no compromise on performance. X-FLEX: 150% stretch neoprene is used in our high performance wetsuits. It gives you maximum freedom of movement allowing your wetsuit to work with your body. The latest X-Flex neoprene is 10% lighter absorbs less water and has a softer more comfortable feel. The improved X-Flex neoprene also has a lower modus which means they stretch more without losing their shape and spring THERMOSPAN: has been engineered by our scientists so that your core body temperature locks in the heat. By wicking away your body moisture the lightweight thermal insulation traps warm air all around you. Keeping your core warm keeps your blood warm and this will pump round your body like your own central heating system. If you’re out all year long then this is essential. POWERTEX: New 4 way stretch high specification knee panels designed to resist the most harsh elements while providing maximum flexion and extension of the knee. Push your riding to the limits and power through the waves.

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