GUL Pro-Pads Hiker Shorts – Grey

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Designed to be worn under the CZ Pro Thermal Hikepants with removable multi-layered heavy-duty batten and EVA foam pads for protection designed for all sailing conditions. Glide Skin knee and waist seals provide a comfortable and watertight seal. Features: Removable multi-layered heavy duty batten and EVA foam pads for all sailing conditions 0.5mm Neospan neoprene Power-Tex highly durable and flexible seat Glide skin knee and waist seals TECHNOLOGY POWERTEX: New 4 way stretch high specification knee panels designed to resist the most harsh elements while providing maximum flexion and extension of the knee. Push your riding to the limits and power through the waves. GLIDE SKIN: allows you to slip in and out of your wetsuit with ease and comfort.The flexible rubberised coating means you won’t get painful rubbing around your neck allowing you to surf sail and exercise in the water all day without irritation. SIZES

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