Slingshot Ankle Biter Wakesurf – 5’4″ / 165cm – Neu



The Slingshot Ankle Biter FX is a fun, dynamic wave catcher offering the control and stability of a longer board but with the agility and performance of a short-board. Utilizing a quad fin setup allows surfers to fine tune the performance of their board with either a two or four Versa Fin set up. From wake, to kite to everyday surf. The Ankle Biter features a variable tucked hard rail for added bite in the pocket and a double concave with an aggressive V spine through the tail for a loose transition from edge to edge. Without doubt though, the Ankle Biter will enable you to get out there and tear apart waves in the lightest wind when all your friends are still sitting on the beach providing unmatched performance for super fun days, everyday. The Slingshot Ankle Biter is also a great travel board, allowing you to get out strapped or strapless. If you are serious about maximizing your time on the water and want a board that truly performs when others will not, look no further than the Slingshot Ankle Biter FX. Ideal for riders looking for stable performance in afun, responsive, short board package.